Best Scented Candles

Abbey Rose Candles - an eco-friendly story of quality, luxury and style.

Abbey Rose candles are all made from 100% soy wax which is an eco-friendly, renewable resource. We pride ourselves on the fact that our candles are hand made in New Zealand, are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and contain no hidden unpleasant ingredients and in our opinion  best scented candles available.

With a lifelong love of fragrance and the impact fragrance has on our lives, we were concerned about the unknown origins of many of the candles and diffusers currently available on the market. So we developed a range of superb fragrances crafted right here in New Zealand and brought to life in the form of premium quality luxury soy candles, diffusers and room sprays.

Why Choose an Abbey Rose Soy Candle?

A number of scientific studies have concluded that paraffin wax candles can release emissions and may cause some level of indoor pollution as a result of being a petroleum by-product. With frequent use these candles can potentially irritate the lungs and trigger asthma attacks. Unlike paraffin wax, Abbey Rose Candles burn cleanly leaving no residual soot. Soy wax a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans, is completely renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable whereas paraffin and most forms of palm wax are not. The majority of the world's soy beans are grown in the USA, with other producers in South America, China & India. As proof of sustainability it is important to us, we choose to source soy out of the USA.

In addition our candles are non toxic and do not contain any GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) material or any unnatural additives. If spilled, soy wax is easily cleaned up using hot soapy water. This combined with the fact that our cotton wicks don't contain zinc or lead means that Abbey Rose candles are a very environmentally friendly.

Handmade in New Zealand

Each candle  diffuser and room spray is individually handmade allowing us to particularly focus on  fragrance and quality. The velvet bag in which the medium candle is packaged as well as the signature box for the large candle have been designed so they can be re-used. When you remove the large candle from its box the insert is also removed leaving you with a box to store your favourite trinkets or jewellery.

From the moment you open our signature packaging you'll start an Abbey Rose fragrance experience which then comes to life in a flickering flame or through a delicate reed sliver. Fresh and invigorating, soft and romantic, musky and spicy or simply the fragrance of Christmas.